Sydney’s Top Ten Squash Court Centres

Squash is a sport that can be played and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their playing level. It is played by more than 20 million people across 185 countries. According to Camp Squash, the top players in the Women’s Squash Association are from Australia, France and India.

Sydney’s Top Ten Squash Court Centres

Squash enthusiasts in Sydney can take part in squash competitions that are held in the city’s squash court centres. Here is a list of Sydney’s top ten squash court centres:

  • Willoughby Squash Club

If you are looking for state-of-the-art squash facilities, you better head straight to Willoughby Squash Club. Situated within 10 minutes of the city’s CBD, the club boasts its squash programs, squash store and championship courts. The hiring rates for squash rackets and equipment are very affordable. They also offer various membership schemes that range from $28 to $172.

  • Elanora Squash and Fitness Centre

Elanora Squash and Fitness Centre can be traced at Kalang Road, Elanora Heights. Aside from the courts, they have Racquet Bar, a shop and fitness gym. They offer bronze membership for $29.95 per week, gold membership for $39.95 per week, and platinum membership for $49.95 per week.

  • Thornleigh Squash Centre

Thornleigh Squash Centre offers an array of sports facilities and training programs that are supervised by respected experts in the city. Among their featured facilities include squash courts, table tennis area and a chiropractor clinic. Their membership fees range from as low as $11.95 to $36.95 per week.

  • Dural Squash and Fitness

Dural Squash and Fitness is the go-to place for squash enthusiasts. The centre also has table tennis courts and offer pilates, yoga and zumba. For $15, players can participate in social squash every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Hourly rate for court hire is at $20.

  • Hiscoes Gym Surry Hills

Squash enthusiasts can play in Hiscoes Gym’s squash courts for free, if they are already Hiscoes gym members. They offer squash coaching and social squash competitions.

  • Phoenix Health Club

The Phoenix Health Club is located at Sydney’s industrial suburb of Smeaton Grange. Anyone can be a member for $47.85 per week. They also offer family membership and corporate membership.

  • MAASH Sports and Fitness

MAASH Sports and Fitness offers its members an array of sports services like basketball, squash, racquetball and rock climbing. For serious squash players, they have intensive squash programs that suit everyone’s level.

  • Bondi Waverley Squash Club

Those who would want to join Bondi Waverley Squash Club can fill out an online application form and just pay $20 for joining fee. The club offers external and internal competitions, and social round robins. For more details, they can be reached at 02 9387 1452.

  • Castlereagh Fitness

If you want to de-stress and get fit through squash, Castlereagh Fitness offers one of the best squash courts in Sydney CBD. The centre is located right on Castlereagh Street. It usually opens as early as 6 am on weekdays and 9 am on Saturdays. Prospective club members can check their website for membership details.

  • Baulkham Hills Squash & Fitness Centre

This squash centre can be traced at Baulkham Hills and is popular for its friendly staffs. If you want to avail great discounts while enjoying squash, avail their $100 off voucher. You can visit their site for more info.

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Squashing the Gambling Dollar: Bouncing Bookmakers Out of the Game

The history of squash can be traced back in the early 1800s. This ball game is similar to tennis and is participated either by two or four players. Ever since the sport was first played in 1830, squash has become a favourite in the international sports scene. As a matter of fact, there are at least 50,000 squash courts in the world. Among the countries where squash is a hit are United Kingdom, United States, Australia and the Netherlands.

Due to the popularity and international reach of the sport, squash competitions are broadcasted live in certain countries. In addition, punters are using this opportunity to make a wager on their favourite players. With this, companies now offer bookmaker betting service for interested gamblers. Live betting and making ante post bets are also possible with today’s technology.

Squash Betting

Despite the growing interest of punters and the public on squash, the popularity of the sport is not at par with games like football and basketball. That being said, many entrepreneurs are tapping the burgeoning squash betting industry.

Unlike the established sporting events, gamblers can make a wager on this sport in a variety of ways. These include match winner, total points, handicap betting, odd/even matches and live squash betting. To attract more punters, online betting companies offer free or discounted bets.

Match-Fixing in Squash

Squash Australia does recognise the legitimacy of sports betting, especially in squash. However, illegal betting and match-fixing remain a global issue, not only for the government but also for the sports betting industry.

Organisations, such as Squash Australia, are extending their efforts in dealing with these threats and the corruption that emanates from it. Due to the great odds in squash betting, some players are trivialising their integrity and of the sports for cash. What they do is throw the game on the account of greater monetary rewards.

Online betting had undoubtedly influence and in part, caused match-fixing in squash. Like any other sporting events, corruption has marred squash. In fact, Eurosport reported that the rocketing industry of online and mobile betting is changing the international sporting arena. Because of the money associated with it, match-fixing scandals had become more prevalent.

Squash organisations in the country came up with a National Policy that will safeguard the integrity of the sport. In addition, stricter penalties will be enforced relating to fraudulent betting and match-fixing.

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Elevating Corporate Fitness Programs: Why is Squash Sports THE Racket Sport for Employee Wellbeing?

corporate fitness programs - squash sportsOne of the most important aspects that a company must be keen on improving is employee wellbeing. For companies to soar, they have to take good care of their employees. Without a healthy employee, no one will be inspired to work for the development of the company. Due to this, there are many types of corporate fitness programs that have been created for ultimate employee physical fitness.

And with the rising popularity of squash sports, due to its ability to provide one of the best health benefits among the many other sports, many companies are now turning to this racket sport as the ultimate sport to tie-in with their fitness programs. But what makes squash sports such an effective racket sport?

Squash Sports and Corporate Fitness Programs

In this article we look at the many benefits of squash sports and how this particular racket sport can truly elevate corporate fitness programs in many companies throughout the country.

It is suitable for all ages.

The great thing about squash sports is that it can be played by the young and the old. This game is very easy to learn and there are many sports centre that provide equipment suitable for all sizes and skill levels. Therefore, employees in a certain company will not be intimidated to start learning it.

Squash sports can be played either for leisure or even as a competitive sport. This can be a great venue for employees within a company to meet and get so they will know each other better. The more camaraderie and friendliness there are within the company, the better will be the work output and performance. A group of employees from different departments treating each other as family and friends and unified in working together for progress is exactly what a company needs in order to develop.

It provides a multitude of health benefits.

First, it helps improve blood circulation and boosts aerobic fitness of the body.

Players who wish to engage in this sport will be required to jump, dive, and run for the rubber ball. These various activities are essential in the attainment of aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness is necessary for the body to efficiently distribute blood and nutrients to its different various parts, especially the internal organs, lungs, and the brain. When all its tissues and organs are properly nourished, the body will have also obtained a stronger immune defence against sicknesses and infections.

Aerobic fitness primarily targets the heart muscles and helps improve its blood pumping ability. Squash therefore also boosts cardiovascular health. Heart-related disease is one of the major killers in the world. When employees in the company engage in squash sports, they will gain the privilege to improve their heart conditions and therefore avoid the dreaded death by heart conditions.

Second, it boosts mental wellbeing.

Players of squash sports have high mental wellbeing because this game requires the players to concentrate on the ball while employing ways to out manoeuvre and outsmart the opponent. For someone starting out in this game, he or she will first be focused on the physical requirement of the game, catching the breath, and working hard not to miss the rubber ball.

However, through time and with constant practice, the player will have attained a high level of physical conditioning so that the player can devote most of his or her efforts on focusing on the ball and the opponent. These are essentially examples of exercises that help improve mental capacity and alertness. Employees with a high level of mental wellbeing are expected to perform tasks beyond their expectations.

Third, it helps eliminate stress.

Squash sport is an excellent venue for stressed employees to vent out and release their frustrations and anger. By playing a game of squash, employees can channel their anger and frustrations from their work through swinging the racket or squashing it out as hard as they can, which is advantageous in this game where power is required to hit the ball. After the game, employees will then be able to transform their released negative vibes into feelings of satisfaction and relief.

A stress-free employee has a happy disposition who can adequately handle enormous pressures from work. This is especially important for companies that deal with time-sensitive matters. They will need employees who have the deep thinking ability and sunny disposition to handle large tasks at hand.

It helps improve social life.

Basically, a game of squash requires at least 2 persons to play. That in itself is a good promotion for employee socialisation.Employees with healthy social lives are expected to perform well in their jobs.

With squash sport, a company may organise a friendly tournament among its employees or even hold an inter-company tournament to meet with people from other work environments. This is a great opportunity for the company’s employees to get to know other people, talk about the things that they love, including squash, and then widen their group of friends.

It even helps employees undergoing weight loss programs.

Employees struggling to shed off extra fats from their bodies will get a major boost if they engage in squash sports. And they won’t have to bother looking for squash sports centre if this sport becomes part of the corporate fitness programs of the company they are working for.

The game requires various physical movements- demanding a high level of energy with minimum time for recovery- then it can also become a major anti-weight loss regimen. Engaging in squash sports is guaranteed to make you sweat off that extra pounds.

If paired with an effective weight loss diet, then squash sports can become an addicting activity against weight loss. The player aiming to lose weight will not feel daunted by the physical activity because a game of squash is really enjoyable and fun.

Employees who are able to obtain the desired body size and shape through physical activities like squash sports will also achieve a high level of confidence and self-esteem. A company needs to have people who have this high level of confidence so that they can expect tremendous output from their employees. Companies will even successfully solicit honest feedbacks from them so that a better working environment within the company can be created.

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The Health Benefits of STACS Fitness Workouts

squash fitness weight loss programs that workSTACS fitness workout is basically centred on the sports game called squash. As a racket sport, squash can be played in singles (consisting of two players) or doubles (consisting of four players) within a four-walled court and using a hollow rubber ball. The aim of the players is to alternately strike the rubber ball with their racket so that the ball hits the playable surfaces of the court.The player will have to outsmart and outrun the other so that the other player misses a hit.

The great thing about signing up for a STACS workout is that you have the privilege to be coached and monitored by the country’s top international squash sports players. Therefore, you will be ensured of achieving the full health benefits from this activity.

Engaging in a STACS workout is essentially gaining the health benefits from squash sports, which are plenty. This game is versatile; it can be played by anyone including seniors.

Benefits of STACS FitnessWorkout to Senior Adults

With proper guidance from an expert in this sport, older adults can also get involved in playing squash. One of the major benefits in playing this sport, especially for older people, is that it greatly helps improve the aerobic fitness of the body.

As the body grows older, tissue and organ functions also deteriorate. Therefore, the body during this stage will appreciate anything that will help boost its functionality. And this can be attained through improved aerobic fitness.

When aerobic fitness is achieved, the body can circulate oxygen all throughout its different partsas efficiently as possible. This is vital for the proper functioning of all the tissues and organs of the body, especially the heart, lungs, and muscles. This boost in functionality can even strengthen the body’s immune system so that it cannot easily succumb to sickness.

Proper blood circulation also adds to cardiovascular health. In a game of squash, players are required to jump, run, and dive for the rubber ball, which forces the heart and the lungs to work at their most efficient capacity. This activity leads to stronger heart muscles and the heart’s improved efficiency to pump blood to the different parts of the body, especially the brain, is fully reached. As a result, stamina and endurance are also improved.

Another important benefit of squash sports is that it improves mental well-being. This is very beneficial for older adults because it prevents their mental capacity from breaking down all together. What this game does is that it forces the player’s mind to concentrate on the opponent and the surroundings all the while focusing the eyes on the ball. It is a great way to boost alertness, mental capacity, and spatial awareness of an adult person.

In the beginning, the player may spend around 95% of his efforts physically and rest, 5%, mentally. But as he or she gets constant practice, the physical conditioning of the body becomes tremendously improved so that 95% of the body’s efforts will now be spent focusing on the elements of the game—the ball, the opponent, the surroundings—which truly helps improve mental capacity and alertness.

STACS and Squash Workout for Athletes

Athletes who are used to competitive environments will also benefit from engaging in a STACS workout where playing squash is the primary routine. Squash is a great venue for players to improve their power and their abilities to apply force. In this game, players are required to develop an efficient swing that will give them the ability to hit the ball as hard, fast, and accurate as possible. In effect, it will help tone the arms, legs, and abdomen while maintaining the body’s healthy weight. These are very beneficial for players of badminton, tennis, and basketball.

Squash also promotes flexibility and sprint speed because it immerses the player in fast-paced movements that will demand an extensive range of stretching motion. In this game, the body’s joints and ligaments are allowed to stretch, which leads to their elasticity. These are all essential for gymnasts, figure skaters, wrestlers, divers, soccer players, and boxers.

Agility and hand-eye coordination are also improved with squash training. Deep concentration is always required in this game which helps the player develop and improve the body’s agility. This sports requires players to be nimble, so their bodies are trained to quickly stop, change direction, or start. These are important elements for players to express an explosive power while maintaining balance and strength to hit the rubber ball accurately and hard.

STACS Workout Improves Social Life

Devoting some time to a STACS workout will immerse the player in a game of squash, which is very effective in relieving the body against stress. Stress can be a primary source of illnesses which can lead to serious complications.

A person who is feeling some anxiety, anger, or frustration, from home life or work, can take out those negative feelings by squashing itout in the court. The person can channel his or her anger through slamming the rubber ball as hard as he or she can against the wall. In this way, negative elements are effectively released and feelings of relief and satisfaction will take over.

Having a stress-free life promotes healthy relationships because the mental, physical, and emotional elements of the body are well-conditioned to socialise with other people. In squash centres, friendly tournaments are usually offered so that devoted squash players can meet and compete with one another. This is also a very effective way for players to socialise, talk about the sports they love, and widen their social circle of friends.

The feeling of satisfaction brought about by a game of squash gives players a deeper sense of accomplishment and therefore improves self-esteem and confidence for oneself. Self-confidence is important in avoiding a person’s chance of developing depression.

STACS Workout and Weight Loss Programs That Work

Squash training as a primary workout routine for STACS is also very effective in helping with weight loss efforts. With the many physical movements that the game requires, its high demands for energy with minimum recovery time, it is not surprising then that this workout can greatly help a person to lose excess fats and maintain a body’s healthy weight.

The range of sprint and stop movements along with the high level of energy and intensity that squash requires from the body are enough to burn an average of 500 calories within just 30 minutes. So, when paired with a weight loss programs that work, STACS is indeed the perfect workout to get that healthy, fit body that many have been dreaming of.

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Squash for Women: The Health Benefits

According to information on the Internet, if you want to become a superwoman you need to play squash and eat squash. Squash the game is quite addictive, if you talk to some of its adherents about how they feel about playing squash. The intensity of the on-court struggle releases its fair share of endorphins, I would say, and these neurotransmitters and their effects are highly desirable. Marathon runners experience a similar thing, as do most high intensity athletes, they love the pain because of the natural high that accompanies it. We are all drug addicts of some sort. Squash for women: The health benefits not only help you live better but provide an uplifting feeling as well.

Squash for Women: The Health Benefits

Some biological experts claim that the human being is basically an addictive beast. An addiction to high intensity sports, is perhaps, one of the least destructive addictions to have. Fitness can delay menopause and for women who want that, well, there is no better thing. There are numerous health benefits for women available from regularly playing squash. Getting your blood pumping around your body through exercise is fundamentally good for us. Squash for women: The health benefits are numerous and very positive.

If I told you that squash has the ability to improve the quality of your sight, boost skin health, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, manage symptoms of diabetes, build strong bones, protect heart health, reduce symptoms of insomnia, prevent inflammatory conditions, treat arthritis, eliminate ulcers, eliminate parasites and infections, increase prostate health, protects against birth defects, boosts respiratory health, and reduces blood pressure, would you believe me? Well, my friend, it is true, it is all completely true; as God is my shepherd.

Sometimes the number of claims is a negative in the minds of the sceptical, as they think how can this activity possibly do all these things for me. That is where eating squash comes in, because many of these health benefits accrue from the act of consuming squash. The squash family includes: zucchinis or courgettes, pumpkins, marrows and those veggies called squash. It can be confusing, I know, with the name of vegetables changing depending on what side of the world you live on. Cardiovascular health can be improved with a good diet and regular exercise; so eating squash and playing squash is a sound solution. Women of the world put on that hot pink Lycra and pick up that bowl of zucchini soup.

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Squash Court Theft: Warning to Watch Your Valuables!

I have an admission to make before we go any further. I don’t usually do this, bring my personal stuff into the realm of professional work, but I think this is important. This confession can add some more truth to this topic. Squash court theft: Warning to watch your valuables, because I robbed a squash court when I was a boy. Not on my own, there were three of us, and we were on a spree of break and entries throughout our suburb. The squash court robbery was the last on the way home, where I would, later that evening, get fingered for everything; much to my parent’s dismay and horror.

Squash Court Theft: Warning to Watch Your Valuables!

The squash court change rooms were the easiest target of our day of criminal activity. You see, they weren’t locked or protected in any way. The players on court had left their valuables in coats and clothes hanging up on hooks, and in sports bags left very much unattended. For us kids it was a motza haul of cash, wallets, cards and other valuables. We slipped in unseen to the squash centre and made our way to the change rooms downstairs. With one of us on watch for any inquisitive employee, the other two rifled through the belongings of the players.

This situation could have been, even more, serious, if we had of been older and more sophisticated thieves. In that circumstance, we could have stolen cars, made copies of house keys for later robberies and committed more invasive crimes. These locker room and change room opportunities are very tasty for nefarious elements, as I know. This is why security in these places must be prevalent and of a high standard. The lock and security industry is continually upgrading the functions and styling of its hardware for these applications to outwit the criminals.

Security services must be employed to watch over the valuables of squash players when they are on court and their valuables are vulnerable. Many squash players come from the wealthy end of town, as the game attracts corporate types who like to test their mettle. Squash centres will lose the custom of these individuals if they cannot guarantee the safety of their personal belongings. Change rooms must be locked up with state of the art security systems and CCTV cameras should be monitoring these places. Constant vigilance is called for, and I should know right?

The good news is that I turned out alright in the end, I learnt my lesson, copped my whack and never transgressed again. Some say that I was just testing my boundaries, to see how far I could push it, and that once I got bitten I settled down to being a good citizen. Which is why I think everyone deserves a second chance in life.

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Corporates and Executives Loving Squash More Than Ever

High achieving corporate types do love to test themselves on the squash court up against another executive material competitor. Going toe to toe in a confined space seems to do it for these men and women. If I can beat your brains out on the squash floor, then, I can do it in the boardroom. The thwack of that black ball on the backboards gets their blood pressure pumping. The high octane smell of human sweat mixed with some petroleum based deodorant does something for their libido. Tiny shorts and/or Lycra puts a crease in the groin of their competitive spirit.

Corporates and Executives Loving Squash More Than Ever

The game of squash calls for great flexibility. No attachment to a particular shot or strategy. Offence and defence are both called for instantly when required. The squash court is like life for our corporate contender, it is a matter of the survival of the fittest. The weak are defeated and the strong prevail. Downsizing, sacking half the office, is merely part of a particular strategy that is sometimes called for; it is nothing personal you know. I crush this squashy ball up against the wall with all my force, and I hope that you won’t reach the return because of your lack of fitness.

Life is sometimes like that; and executive bonding can happen on the blood soaked corporate battlefield and on the squash court. Human lives are expendable when naked ambition cries out for more. My racquet is my sword, and I swing it like there is no tomorrow, propelling that ball into another dimension. The hungry smile on the face of my opponent is wolfish in its intensity, and I can see him licking my bones after feeding on my flesh in its entirety. Corporate life is like that, all competition and no understanding; contemplation is only for losers.

Squash is cool because it is readily accessible and can be played before work or after, and even in the lunch hour. A naked hour with phallic stick in hand to beat a ball against a wall; how does it get any better than that? To smell the base sweat of my opponent and watch each grimace on his or her face. To lunge and thrash away at something without care for political correctness. To pit my rat cunning against the same without scruples of any kind. To triumph on the squash court is a precursor to my eventual greater triumph in business. Watch and learn buddy, just you wait and see.

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Squash for Adults: LGBTQI Urban Fitness

The game of squash has always been a broad church, in terms of the people it attracts and what categories they may fit into. Squash is an urban pursuit, in that its venues are most often located within fitness centres in busy inner-city and suburban locales. Squash is the highly competitive game for those who cannot access the wild outdoors and do not have the time for recreational past-times like golf. Indeed, the frenetic pace and ferocious ricochet nature of squash would incline its proponents away from such a pastoral hobby as golf.

Squash for Adults: LGBTQI Urban Fitness

Squash is more suitable for adults in its sweat inducing, boxed in format, where the four walls are as important to the contest as anything else. Slashing away with racquet in hand and the squashy little black ball frantically bouncing around, whilst your opponent is equally determined to bash the brains out of the thing. The whole pursuit screams stress release and buckets of perspiration anoint the floor and walls. This is a bath house environment, a Greek gymnasium with athletes bathed in sweat, and watchers look on from vantage points.

LGBTQI (and this acronym seems to get longer every day) members do seem to embrace the game of squash in numbers. Is it because the venues are often in their hood? The squash courts are often housed in gyms, where many gay men work out. Gay and lesbian groups like to show off their member’s great bodies, especially at Mardi Gras time. Squash is, and has been for quite a long time, gay-friendly. Fitness and trim looking physiques have always been important to those who predominantly identify with the sexual functioning of their bodies. Squash for adults: LGBTQI urban fitness loves those little black balls and all that healthy sweat.

Heaving away with heart beating loudly inside your chest, as you stretch for that shot. Ducking and weaving to avoid the ricochet, and returning serve with veritable aplomb. These are the moves on the squash court, resplendent in Lycra and something very short. A splash of colour, perhaps, hot pink, and your balls tucked up tight and your breasts bound away in a sport’s bra. Squash players thundering on the sprung floor in imported sport’s shoes with tasteful sport’s socks cut low. Cutting a fine figure in form and function, our LGBTQI athlete is alive with the thrill of the chase. A whack, a thud, and a lunge to the floor; this is the dance floor of the competitive queer.

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Community Health Services for the Elderly

There are a number of schemes by which the elderly pay less for medical services in Australia. A Senior’s Health Card will entitle the holder to bulk billing at some doctor’s surgeries, discounts on medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and cheaper out of hospital medical expenses via the Medicare Safety Net. In addition, many businesses, including healthcare practitioners, offer discounts on their services for seniors. The Medicare Safety Net provides higher medical benefits for seniors who visit their doctor often and/or have a high number of medical tests as a result of these visits.

Community Health Services for the Elderly

The Australian Government also provide Community Aged Care Packages to support older Australians who live at home. These services include: personal carers to help the elderly shower and dress, shopping assistance, meals on wheels, transporting them to appointments and allied health services. Dental services are available through state government services at a reduced rate for Seniors Health Card holders. There is a strong intention within Australian governments at all levels to provide health care for the elderly when they cannot afford it, and to reduce the cost of it, even when they can initially meet the expense of it.

Back pain can be particularly debilitating for the elderly; and chiropractors who have a high number of older residents near their clinics often offer a reduced rate for treatments. It is not only the right thing to do, it also makes sound marketing sense to incentivise your market. Older Australians, it is statistically shown, make more visits to their doctor and other healthcare practitioners, and so reducing the cost of those visits is the ethical thing to do. Older Australians have, in general, worked throughout their lives paying taxes toward the establishment of these services and others; and so, it is only fair that they should benefit from them now when they really need them.

The fact that we have an aging population should not matter when it comes to treating these people with the respect and care entitled to them. We must pay for the maintenance of their wellbeing, especially when they cannot meet those costs themselves. Superannuation savings have now begun to have some positive affect on the economics of the current situation, but this will never be the total panacea some economists would like to see. There will continue to be those sections of the aged population who do not have these savings and need to be looked after just the same. Community health services for the elderly will remain a debt we all owe to those who have come before us.

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Promoting Your Squash Courts: Traditional VS Digital Marketing

In 2010, squash was named as the world’s healthiest sport by Forbes. Despite all the health benefits and the calories you can burn when you play squash, the number of squash courts in Australia are either converted to housing projects, parking areas, or shopping centers. However, in the spirit of the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games, the sport is being revived with new courts being built across the country. With these developments, how can you promote your squash court and make it a clear-cut above the rest?

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Owners of squash courts can utilise traditional marketing tools and implement the usual marketing strategies. They can also opt for digital marketing and take advantage of the Internet. But which one is better?

Traditional marketing involves sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, direct marketing and advertising. In sales promotion, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures and promotional items, such as promotional stubby holders, are handed to squash players and prospective clients. Owners can also advertise their squash courts on newspapers or magazines, but these are usually a bit expensive. If the proprietors have deep pockets, they can sponsor squash events or invest in direct marketing strategies. For court owners who have limited resources, they can apply for loans that may or may not ask for a marketing collateral.

On the other hand, digital marketing mostly rely on social media. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are being used by marketers and business owners in reaching broader demographics, promoting the company’s brand, and in introducing new products or re-introducing goods or services that are already in the market. In advertising the proprietor’s squash court(s), one of the elements of a successful digital marketing campaign are online reviews. In fact, 72 percent of consumers trust online reviews while 92 percent of all Internet users actually read reviews. Since the 2018 Commonwealth Games is fast approaching, owners of squash courts can use this opportunity to promote their business. For instance, Adidas has successfully advertised their brand during the World Cup through Twitter hashtags. The same strategy can be used by squash court managers and proprietors.


Traditional and digital marketing have their own fair share of pros and cons. It depends on the marketers on how they can strategise so that they can benefit from it. Digital marketing is a two-way conversation that uses informal language, measures engagement and reach, and has active involvement between the business and its customers. On the other hand, traditional marketing is a one-way conversation that employs formal language, offers professional and polished content, and has passive involvement between the business and its customers.



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